Beyond photography, I’m an entrepreneur at heart who has made his hobby turned passion, his profession now.
Becoming a photographer was the most important part of my journey.

Photographer and graphic designer. I was born and grown up in Trieste, in the north-eastern corner of Italy, a land know to be a crossroad of different cultures and influences from many european “way of lifes”.

I always loved music, so after an initial more “generalist” photographic approach I very early felt interest in joining these my two passions, trying to translate in a “click” the emotions that the “live” performances give me. Over time I was able to get close to several musical genres, radically different from one to another: rock and its various branches such as blues or progressive, jazz, ethnic music, classical, reggae. This allowed me to understand how important is to “translate” these differences also in the shots, then approaching each concert in a unique way. Sometimes more “rude” and instinctive, sometimes more patient and meditative, but always looking for a moment, a gesture, an expression representing not only “a” concert, but “that” concert.

This research brought me to travel the world as well, visiting other countries and other musical influences, like Spain (for the “Rototom Sunsplash” international reggae festival, as part of the official photo crew since 2012) or the U.S.A. (as the official photographer for “Celtica” celtic-rock band american tour).

Since 2014 I also collaborate with Phocus Agency, a nation-wide event photo agency based in Udine, specialized in jazz photography.


More than ten years of field experience, around the world and approaching different types of subjects and photographic techniques.

Individual approach

Every event, every subject is unique and it deserve a personale and individual approach to capture its essence at its best.


Top-notch quality & optimal price


The most beautiful day of your life at its best!


All the energy of your live performance!


From theatre performances to conferences, cultural events, vernissages, exhibitions, ...